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Equipment Leases that No One Else Can or Will Do  From $5,000.00 to $20MM+

Does this sound familiar?
1) You are a vendor/dealer that loses sales because your prospective customer could not qualify for conventional lease financing?
2) You are the prospective customer who is in need of equipment for your business, but can't qualify for conventional lease financing?

We can help. We do the bad credit equipment financing deals that no one else can or will do.  If we can't do the lease, nobody can. All equipment types are eligible.

Structured financing for A thru D credit situations. Challenged Credit Situations are welcome. Prior bankruptcies, prior foreclosures, prior collections and judgments... we can still help. Start Up Business with Equipment Acquisition Costs of $500.00 to $20MM+.

Tax Liens and Bankruptcy Restructuring of Present Leases Sale-Leaseback & Working Capital. All Heavy Equipment Types - All Industries Unconventional equipment- All Business Essential Equipment eligible for financing

Typical Hard Deals

Company in Florida.  Florida contractor that was 12 months into a $500,000 lease on construction equipment.  At the time the lease was written, the lessee had "A" credit.  Contractor then lost their largest client due to the hurricanes in Florida. They had reduced costs to the bone, but were severely constrained by the lack of cash flow due to their monthly lease payment of $16,500.  The principal's credit had dropped to 485 and was considering filing for bankruptcy.  We arranged for a Sale-Leaseback with a step-payment lease beginning at $1,500 a month for 8 months and stepped up payments from there.  The lease was extended to 120 months and secured by a lien on a relative's real estate.  Today the lessee is working on two larger contracts and is grossing more money than ever.Start up Laundromat in Oregon. Vendor had agreed to finance $185,000 of used equipment. Lessee really needed another $35,000 cash for licenses, permits and a few months operating capital. There were 4 principals involved, and they had either bad credit or no revolving credit available. The vendor was cashed out and in return he offered to recourse the transaction. Two principals pledged their stock portfolio as additional collateral; one principal used the equity in a friend’s home; and the fourth principal invested a CD with us earning 8.0% interest. The total lease amount was for $265,000.

Start up Restaurant in Michigan
Owner needed $97,000 for kitchen equipment. Issues dealt with: Lessee had $31,000 in tax liens. FICO of 432. Owner had already paid $28,000 for landlord deposits and tenant improvements. They needed bigger ovens and more equipment, but were told to "keep in small", because they could not qualify. Our solution: Lessee had a relative pledge their investment property and with lessee’s residence as additional collateral, we were able to approve the Lessee for $223,000. We paid off the $31,000 tax lien, gave the lessee back his $28,000 and funded $164,000 of equipment that they needed to open the restaurant.

Equipment Sale Lease-Back

Own Heavy Equipment or Industrial Equipment? Need working capital? A Sale-Leaseback (SLB) transaction is a funding solution that gets you the needed working capital using the equity in your existing equipment and let's you continue to use the equipment in your business. Click the SLB Button below for more information about this popular funding solution....

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